Senior trip

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Senior trip

"Open wide baby" the voice said and she immediately complied. A rope of cum shot into her mouth and what didnt hit her tongue landed across her face xxx and in her hair. It was just another in a long line of men unloading their cum in or on her.

It had started as a week at the beach. Senior /trip/">trip. She went with her girl friends and her boyfriend went with a group of his friends. The week went as planned with much alcohol and partying but on the third night everything changed. She had a bit to much to drink and some /college/">college guys were with them. Her friends were in just as drunken a state as her and things were starting to get out of hand. She started to gain control of herself as many hands groped her healthy sized tits until she heard one guy say..

"Lets go find some /women/">women and leave these little girls to their little boy friends" It was a taunt from the one whos hand she had just removed from her tits.
"What little girls?" She yelled back defiantly

"Do little girls have these?" She continued as she ripped her bikini top down exposing her big titties. The crowd erupted their approval and teh groping began again. Another drink was shoved into her face and she took it as she wathed one of her girl friends removing her top. Soon water was being sprayed and a impromptu wet titties contest began. The girls were grinding and bumping into each other and the scene got raunchier by the minute. Before she realized what she was doing shed shed her shorts and was naked in a crowd of /college/college-men/">college men. Her friend didnt want to be out done so she joined in the nakedness. Drunk and defiant the 2 girls grinded some more and hands were starting to find other parts of there naked bodies. Before to long the girls were somehow manuevered prone and were grinding there pussies porn videos download together to the chants of the crowd.

"Cum...Cum...Cum...Cum!!" The word was erotic to a young 18 year old recent graduate. It made them feel mature and they complied to the chant by grinding harder into each other. Shortly after they started to tremble and cum in front of the crowd of college boys. The as one of the girls started to shudder in an intense orgasm her mouth contorted onto an "O" shape, one of the boys stuck his dick in it. Out of reflect she allowed entry and wrapped her lips around it and he started to pump into her face from above. The crowd grew silent save for one guy who started a new chant which the crowd quickly picked up.

"Suck, Suck, Suck...." They kept repeating it and being a drunk 18 year old she did as she was told. Her friend apparently was offered the same and so the 2 girls were sucking dick in front of about 2 dozen horny young men. Soon they were lining up as the girls took turns sucking dick after dick. At one point the girls were manipulated onto their hands and knees and were being worked at both ends. The guys were sure to give them breaks to catch their breath and feed them more alcohol but their pussies were never empty. The event went on for about 4 hours and each girl fucked and sucked all cummers. They were so drunk they didnt care.

Word travel fast and in the 4 hours several diffent groups of young men joined the /party/">party including the girls boyfriends. Because they jumped on from behind and fucked the girls doggy style they didnt even know they were sharing their girlfriends with the buddies they brought with them. At some point both girls passed out. This didnt stop them from being fucked. As the sun rose a member of the hotel staff walked by the open door and saw 4 business men types gathered around a 5th fucking his dick into one of the girls in the ass.

Apparently the last frat boy to leave left the door open. As the girl started to come out of her drunken haze she looked up to see a 40 something year old man unloading in her. She screamed and they scattered. She lay still long enough to realize what she had done and buried her head in her hands as she saw her girls friend naked and /cum/red-cum/covered-in-cum/">covered in cum, next to her.