At The Beach

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At The Beach

My first gay experince is something I was a 17 year old guy, about 6 foot tall, 145 lbs. and a pretty good muscular build. Well I was at milf porn videos the beach with my aunt and uncle for the weekend. We were staying at this hotel that was not all that great but it was ok. It had an indoor pool with a hot tub and was kinda old fashioned. Later that night we all decided to go for a swim, so it was me and my uncle in the pool and my aunt in the hot tub. My aunt started not to feel so feel so they went to the room and told me to be back at 11:30, when the pool closes. I said alright and was still swimming around.

About 5 minutes later a guy who I would than guess around 20 walked into the door for the pool. He was an extremely tall guy, with blond blond hair. I noticed he was very muscular, especially in his stomach. I had dreamed about having a stomach like that. Just by the way he was walking I could kind of tell he was a little bit drunk and had another beer in his hand. He still had not noticed me hiding behind the pool wall. I just stayed there and he started to undo his swimming trunks. I must have moved and his eyes came straight toward me. He quickly pulled up his trunks and said to me " Oh sorry Little Man, didn't know anyone was here. I was just gonna take a quick skinny dip in the pool, do you mind at all?" I quickly nodded my head no without even thinking. He took off his trunks and I was quickly amazed at his pretty /penis/large-penis/">large penis. I tried not to look like I was staring but it never looked like he noticed. He dived in the pool and did a few laps and than started wading around me. He had asked my name and I told him Chaz. 

His blowjob porn videos name was Chris. Than he asked me what school I went to and all that stuff. Than he asked me if I had a /girlfriend/">girlfriend and I said No, we had just broken up a week ago. Than he made a little wise crack, "What she wasn't giving it up to you?" I said yah but that wasn't the reason. Than he started to tell me he was down with his girlfriend and thought he was gonna get some but than his girlfriend walked out on him. Than he said that is the reason he came down to the pool was to cool down. He said he liked to swim in the nude because it felt so good. He than said "Come on dude try it! You will love it!" I was a littleapprehensive and said naw. Than he was like come on your looking at me naked and like Ihaven't seen a cock before! I stood there thinking and he swam underwater and yanked my bathing suit right off. I was kindembarrassed at first but after a few minutes everything was fine. 

Then all of a sudden he quickly got out of the pool and locked the door. "We don't need anyone coming in and seeing us do we Little Man?" Than we raced laps across the pool and he was right! The sensation on my cock felt so good with the water. I was getting a semi-hard on and didn't want Chris to see. I tried to think of something else to get rid of it but nothing worked. While trying to think I had noticed that Chris had disappeared. I looked around and quickly saw him in the hottub. 

"Sorry Little Man, my little friend was getting a little excited. I was still a little horny from me and my girlfriend and being in the water made it a little excited and I really didn't want you to see." " I thought you were the one who said that seeingeach other naked wasn't a big deal, I mean I have seen a /boner/">boner before, in fact I got one right now!"

It came out before I could take it back. I was so embarrassed! Than Chris just gave me a little grin and said "Your right. Looks like we both got a little problem." and snickered. Than he kinda sat there and than burst out with a great idea. 

"Do you happen to have $2?" I said "Yah, why?" Than he told me that if I did he would order us a porn flick since Iobviously couldn't order it and that I could jerk off in the other bed in his room. I was a little cautious but I was pretty damn horny and knew I could never releave my self in my room. So I said "Yah alright."
He threw me my bathing suit and I got out of the pool and he jaw kinda dropped. 

"Damn Little Man you are pretty well /hung/">hung there! You should be proud of that dick."
I could feel myself blushing. I had never really thought it was that big. We walked in to his hotel room. Not a think different than mine except he had a TV. He said you can lay in the closest bed to the door and that if I wanted I could get under the covers. I just kinda layed there until he put the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door and than threw his bathing suit off and layed on top of the covers and his giant /erection/">erection sticking straight up as he grabbed the remote. He turned to the Pay Per View Channel and ordered a movie called "/hot/hot-girls/">hot girls on The Beach." I thought it was appropriate since we were on the beach. It took a few minutesuntil finally it came up on the TV screen. First was the long intro and than came two /women/">women on the television eating eachother out. 

Chris looked at me and said "DAMN!" I saw his cock twitching and I guess he saw me looking and said "I wanna make this last for a while." I quickly turned back to the TV watching the two beautiful women. For some reason though I had this strange feeling that I wanted to look at Chris's cock. i couldn't help but look. I than for some strange reason pulled off my bathing suit off and throwing at Chris and he gave me a look and told me "All right Little Man. Thats the way to go!" That exact second the scene switched. Now it was a/gorgeous/gorgeous-girl/">gorgeous girl giving this guy a blowjob on the beach right ny the water. Chris moaned and said he had never gotten a blowjob for some reason. I laughed and said "Well there is one thing I have done youhaven't!" 

"Well Little Man, you are a pretty big stud. I would give you a blowjob too." He grinned than grabbed his cock. I started to think it would be like to give him a blowjob. Than all of a sudden I blurted out that if I tried to suck his cock than he would suck mine. He didn't hesitate at all and told me to get my mouth bobbing! I was nervous, excited, and horny all at once. I got up in the bed and got between his legs. His cock was 3 inches from my mouth. He pushed it forward into my mouth. It was weird tasting but I liked it. I was a different taste. He sucked like it was aPopsicle. I mostly did the head and than I played with his balls in my hand. I was having the biggest erection I had ever had. I heard him moaning and grabbing the sides of the bed. All of a sudden he pulled it out of my mouth and told me he didn't want to blow his was before he tried to suck me. 

He got off of the bed and told me to sit on the edge. He got on his knees and started to lick the underside of my dick. I remembered this very well from a girlfriend. I wanted to blow my /mouth/mouth-cum/cum-in-his-mouth/">cum in his mouth but held it back and than he finally took my whole dick in his mouth as if he was a pro at it. That made me feel so good. I told him I was cumming and there was nothing I could do. He opened his mouth wide and took it all in. Than he mumbled "If I swallow I get your ass!" My only response was to turn around. He got some Vaseline and rubbed it on my /tight/tight-ass/">tight ass hole. Than he told me to put some on his cock. I put it in my mouth one more time and than jerked him off with the Vaseline to get it nice and ready. I put my ass so I could take it and I felt him get really close and start to push. It hurt and I let him know. He said one good push and he would be in. 

I grabbed the bed and said to go for it. He pushed in and I let out a scream and than a moan of satisfaction. Than he just stayed there without moving and told me to tell him when I was ready. I gave him the ok and he pumped slowly than faster and faster. Within a matter of minutes he was going full speed and I was jerking my self off again. He kept pumping and than with an outrageous moan he threw a huge thrust and came all over my checks. 

We both sat there panting and smiling. We flipped me over on the bed and kissed me. Than we got in the shower and cleaned up but that is a whole other story....