One Evening After Work

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One Evening After Work

It was getting late. James was busy mopping the floor of the convenience store which he had recently began work a week before. He looked at the clock which was steadily pushing towards ten o'clock. The store would close in a few minutes and only a handful of customers remained. Liz Cooper, the store owner and close friend of James' mother announced the imminent closure of the store for the evening. Soon all the customers had left and the place fell silent. James hummed along to the muzak as he finished up with the cleaning. He looked up at Liz who was perched on the stool behind the counter taking the day's stock.

James was looking forward to his favorite part of the evening, cash in hand from Mrs. Cooper. For James the part-time job was ideal as it provided him with the cash he would need to get a new car and fund his lifestyle. The two of them were alone now and both were tired after the day's work. ''Long day honey'', Liz said in a weary voice. ''Sure was'', James replied as he put away the mop and made his way over to her. ''Here you go mister'', she said as she handed him his pay. The pair talked over a coffee for a while, the usual chit-chat. Liz was an attractive middle-aged woman in her late forties with a great sense of humor.

She was never married and had no kids and to James acted more like a woman half her age, not least in her dress sense. James had a feeling that she dressed to tease. This day she wore a low-cut blouse with impressive cleavage revealing her . She wore a tight black skirt with tights and high heels. She had an incredible figure for a woman pushing 50.

After finishing coffee James got ready to head home for the night. As he gathered his stuff Liz asked James if he would help her unpack boxes in her new apartment across town. James hesitated at first, being tired after the day, but Liz offered him a cash bonus and a ride home after if he did her a favor. James agreed as he needed the money. ''Thanks so much James you'll really be doing me a big favor'', said Liz. ''No probs'', James replied. So with the thought of a cash bonus and a slightly dirtier one in mind, they got into her car and headed to her place.

Soon James was busy lifting boxes and helping Liz organize real forced anal against her will her new apartment. It was a nice but small-sized place, but big enough for a single woman. While unloading another box James unwittingly discovered something which was not intended for his eyes: Mrs. Cooper's dildo. James held the monster dick in his hand and quietly laughed. He guessed a single woman like her would need to service herself regularly! He was now horny and could feel his dick becoming rapidly erect. Suddenly, Liz came into the room, and discovered James admiring her pleasure instrument. ''Oh my god'', Liz exclaimed, clearly embarrassed. Her face became flushed. ''I'm so sorry, I totally forgot that was there''. ''Relax, its fine James said'' nervously as he quickly discarded her dildo. ''What must you think of me?'', Liz uttered in a shameful tone, ''please don't tell your mother about this, I'm mortified''. ''Its fine'' repeated James. And then in a calm voice said ''It actually turned me on''. Liz looked visibly embarrassed.

She looked at the floor and then at James and said ''I bet you wondered what kind of a decent lady has a dildo?'', smirking. ''A damn sexy one'', James replied. Liz smiled gently, ''I never thought a young man like you would have an interest in an old lady like me''. The two of them looked at each other, both with sex in their eyes. Liz slowly approached James and whispered into his ear ''I'm tired with that dildo you know, I think I'd prefer your young cock James''. James could feel his heart racing as he imagined all he could do to her. ''This is our little secret okay.. we won't tell Jane about this''. The fact that she was one of his mother's closest friends was a massive turn on. James realized that his mother was very good friends with Liz and made sure that she wouldn't find out about his activities with her slut friend.

Soon the two were totally naked and embraced each other like lovers sharing hot passionate kisses. Their clothes lay in a heap on the ground. James kissed her neck gently as Liz masturbated his young twenty year-old cock. He then slid his fingers inside Liz's now soaking cunt and frantically finger-fucked her. Liz was liberated and screamed in pleasure as James shoved three fingers up her. Liz grabbed the back of his neck and thrusted her body against his as she approached orgasm. Instantly Liz screamed as she came and ejaculated her cunt juice on James' hand. ''Awww fuck baby'' Liz exclaimed. Soon James put his dick into her slutty mouth and fucked it. James felt heaven-like as Liz sucked his cock and rimmed him. James squeezed her firm tits as she gave him head and after a few minutes he exploded and shot a liberal load of spunk into her mouth, which she hungrily swallowed. James next spat on her quivering clit and tasted her vagina.

Her pubes were neatly trimmed. Liz held his head and wedged it between her thighs and wrapped her legs around his body making gyrating movements of intense sexual pleasure. After he was finished with her twat he moved further down and daringly stuck his middle . She was tight. Very tight. ''I want your dick in there'', Liz demanded. He had never tried anal before but couldn't wait. Soon Liz was on all fours with her bottom invitingly stuck out. ''Juice me up baby''. He proceeded to spread open her asscheeks and dribble spit inside her. He then tongued her hole and again inserted his finger. Eventually he held his throbbing member in his hand and carefully squeezed his it inside her. Once lodged firmly inside it he started to slowly fuck it. He could feel her puckered hole intensely squeeze as he penetrated her. Liz groaned in pleasure as she got her ass done in. James increased his speed and gripped her firm ass and smacked her hard.

Liz gripped the bedsheets as James screwed her '' baby! fuck it!'', Liz screamed. The room was enveloped in the steam of hot, . Soon Liz was well spread and James was about to come. He gripped her body and creampied in her. As he pulled out some of his cum slowly oozed out of her gaping hole. It was the sexiest moment of James' life. She xnxxv sunny leone video quietly moaned. They were both sweating heavily. James was breathless. Both were exhausted and collapsed in bed beside each other. Shortly after his cellphone rang. It was his mother. He smiled wryly as he viewed the sight of her friends sticky, stark naked sex-exhausted body beside him, knowing that she would never find out. ''Hey , what's up?'', he smugly inquired.