R ape of a Millionaire Housewife

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R ape of a Millionaire Housewife

Note : This story is fiction!

This is a modified and fantasized version based on the rape of a very pretty and gorgeous 26 yrs. old millionaire housewife and mother of a 2 yrs. old girl who played along with her rapist so she and her /daughter/">daughter won?t be harmed.
The assailant is a 18 yrs. old Herzegovina immigrant who has no clear job or direction in life.
He used to work delivering stuff to the millionaire family and he would watch them at a distance while they frolicked in the beach behind their Coastal Mansion. We just refer to her as Lady D
At the time of the sexual assault the husband is away on business trip while the little girl is sleeping in her bedroom. Lady D just arrived home and told the nanny to leave her back doors unlocked since it was early in the evening yet and she sometimes go out to the patio. The incident is narrated here in the format of an all out no restriction private investigator?s interview to wit;

Lady D: ... he came in this way and said, Don`t do anything stupid. I`m not here for you.

MALE Officer: And he`s got a gun?

Lady D: And he`s got a gun, and he`s got alain lyle porn yellow rubber gloves on....

Lady D: It`s just been the most incredible ordeal to go through something like this, ......

Female Officer: Right.

MALE: What kind of gun was it?

Lady D: It was a -- he said it was a .38. It was a large .38.

MALE Officer: The gloves -- would you describe those as what, like dish-washing gloves?

Lady D: Yes. They were yellow dish-washing gloves..
MALE Officer: OK. What happened next.

Lady D: -- every time the gun was pointed at me, I would start to break down. And so he was, like, Would you like me to put the gun aside? he kept saying to me over and over, I`m just here for some cash he said he knows we keep some $50,000. emergency cash?Which we don?t have?He look at my rings ?were on my finger, and ?is that set worth? And I`m, like, Well, it`s a really good set. It could be worth close to $20,000. And I just -- I think at that point, I was, like, tearing up and crying. ?.

MALE Officer: Then

Lady D: It was bizarre. It was totally bizarre.

MALE: Did he-tie you up?

Lady D: No. I was cooperating fully, though.

MALE Officer: OK.

Lady D: I had resigned in my mind that I`m going along with whatever he ask and I`m going to get the money for him somehow, you know? And so I was pretty calm. He still had the gun, but he wasn`t pointing it at me.
PI: What happened next??
Lady D: He got some stuff but he didn?t leave??
PI: So let`s make sure we follow the chain of events then. You guys went back to the /master/">master?s bed room. He went over your drawers....then?
Lady D: He locked the door?.. He wants me to call for my husband but not let him know he was holding me? he couldn?t get disturbed till morning for the conference speech he was preparing.. ..?and I couldn?t say I have somebody with me? so he hang up and he was furious?
PI: So what happened next.
Lady D: A lot of talking. A lot of talking. I wasn?t listening I watched ?I was concerned he will think of my baby?s room.
PI: Then?..
Lady D: ..... He ask me what ?.he ask for my wrist watch?he already had my ring?then my earrings and necklace?.He ask for my blouse?.I was thinking he is going to strip me naked?
PI: So how did you respond?
Lady D: I just -- I kind of reacted just normal, you know, a little bit still, trying to answer him normally?.but then.....I noticed he was getting sexually aroused?..
PI: Then??
Lady D: ?.He told me again to take off my blouse and all my clothes?.

PI: Now what was your frame of mind at that point? What was going through your mind when this is happening?

Lady D: I was horrified. My frame of mind was we`re going to have sex.
PI: How did you react?
Lady D: I knew I wasn`t going to fight. I knew I wasn`t going to resist him. ?, you know, and he would, and I... and I just figured, maybe I could talk him out of it.

POLICE: So did he force?how did your clothes came off?

Lady D: Um? I took off my blouse and my jeans?..
Police: Did all your clothes came off.

Lady D: Yes, all my clothes come off?.at first he was watching me?.he motioned me to take off my bra?I hesitated for a while?kind of ashamed to show my breast?..but I did?I didn?t take off my pant?..
PI: What was he doing at that point?.
Lady D: He started taking off his clothes as well?. all his clothes?.
PI: Did he?.had a hand in taking off your clothing?
Lady D: I was covering my breasts?. Yes, he helps me take off my undies?.

PI: OK. And you were not resisting at this point.

Lady D:, Um?I kind of beg but?,yeah I stood still...

PI: OK. So what happens ---- you guys are taking your clothes off?
Lady D: He kiss me on my hair?ears?lips and touching fondling my breast?.and licking my face and neck and my breast?? It`s really embarrassing??he is touching parts only my husband suppose to touch?..
PI: -- it`s not unusual to have weird feeling and weird thoughts going through your head when you`re exposed to a massive amount of trauma?. mental trauma.
PI: How did you react at that point?

Lady D: I just -- I kind of reacted, just still, you know?

PI: Now what was your frame of mind at that point?

Lady D: .... sex with him and that`s all. You know? I still thought that .... was concerned of my little girl, you know what I mean? I mean, what -- I didn`t really feel like I had a choice in the matter. So we did?.
PI: OK. So what happened next?

Lady D: I was like completely horrified, you know what I mean? Like sometimes I was just like, what is going on, you know? And -- I was like this is totally /crazy/">crazy?.no one would believe this happened. .......He started sucking my breast and my neck and running his hands all over me??he looked at my eyes ... .....and I was hoping he has a conscience?I talk of my ?..my husband?you know but the more he got aggressive?.squeezing my tities so hard and sucking my nipple? it hurts a bit?

PI: And did he had a penetration with you?I mean sex?vaginal sex or other form?

Lady D: A lot of sex ?.. I stopped looking in his eyes, it didn?t work?didn`t like to look at him when he was inserting his penis on me? , but I did sometimes because he ask me to look at him?he liked it?.there was a lot, a lot of sex?, I was getting more grossed out, you know? -- I was working /hard/real-hard/">real hard, you know what I mean? I wanted to get it over?. so /bad/">bad at this point? I was done -- you know what I mean?

PI: So that?s your frame of mind?surviving the night?
Lady D: At first it felt like a survivor mechanism to do it. Then it was just doing it, and then I was like, I want to get over with it so bad, I was exhausted. He was fucking me so hard I can hear his body slamming hard on me when he pump me?.his penis get into me so deeply?.it?s almost hurting and he?would look at my face and then he would put his weight on me with his face in my breast?. at one point he tried to bit my nipple?.he was a crazy punk his hair was short but it got into my eyes..I was tearing up as he was doing me?you know what I mean and he was enjoying it even more?.
P.I.: Did you make any sound?I mean your girl is sleeping so couldn?t she??
Lady D: No?I was moaning but in whispering voice?I was concern for him being loud..but I didn?t think it can awaken my girl?.the room was further down.
P.I.: OK so did he ejaculate?..I mean did he?were you concern he could get you pregnant?
Lady D: Yeah..I was watching when he was about to ejaculate and when he did I pushed him hard off me?..and he release his sperm all over my thigh.
P.I. How could you possibly pushed him off at the right timing....did he tell you he was about to ejaculate?
Lady D: I can sense that when his body was vibrating so hard and he was like about to explode into pieces?.he was sweating a lot? and he was making sounds?like he was erupting?
P.I. OK indian santali xvideo this is a bit offensive but you got to be asked this, didn?t you have orgasm at this point or at any time?
Lady D: Um not at that time. It happened quickly.
P.I. All those action happened quickly, how long, minutes?second??
Lady D: Yeah?unbelievable but that?s how it went when he inserted his penis on me it only took like 20 seconds?..he was pumping me so fast and hard?.and
P.I. What about prior to that?
Lady D: It took forever?.you know but actually he was playing with my breast for probably less than a minute but it seems like an hour?
P.I. And you didn?t have any form of orgasm?
Lady D: No. not at all?um some of the times I almost feel some sensation? as my thought drift to my husband?but /reality/">reality sits in?I was being raped?by this punk kid that I never even saw before?you know what I mean.
P.I. OK. So what transpired after that? More sex?I understand he left in the morning?
Lady D: Lot more sex?.I couldn?t even remember maybe 7 more times?.he just wouldn?t stop.

PI: OK. So throughout the night you were having sex?different forms of sex..he is on top all the time?.
Female PI: inaudible?./oral/oral-sex/">oral sex?
PI: Do you feel you?re in danger?..if you say refuse further sex?.
Lady D: I tried to make it the best I could to act normal and get him satisfied and finished, you know? but he would just?..over and over again. I did most he would ?.what he wanted me to ?, I did whatever he wanted me to do?and?and?.?.I think to myself the more he loves it, I?ll be safer?. You know what I mean? He ask? demanded?so I kneel in the floor?....I suck his penis?I didn?t even do that with my husband?.it feels terrible but I did?I suck him and he hold my hair and pushed me?.I was choking?it was hard to breath?I was gagging?.when I almost passed out he pulled his penis off ??and held me up with one hand as he continued stroking his penis with his other hand, then he tremble and then he ejaculated again this time on my face and hair?it was so disgusting?.some of his sperm landed in my lips and my breast?..
MALE: And was that the second instance?and then more sex?penetration?
Paralegal: It doesn?t make sense. The train of thought doesn?t makes sense. Did he continue threatening you while having sex?
Lady D: Sometimes he was really kind and seems gentle while he is inside me, then other times he was like,... You know? And making me do it?.with all the style?.?and he would do it harder, you know, he thought I liked it. I pretended to like it sometimes so he gets more satisfaction?so he will be done? I mean we just -- every position all night long, you know what I mean? He just wouldn?t stop?I don?t know how many times?my whole body was filth with all his sperm?you know?.
PI: When he start again?. is there any conversation?.? Does it start the same way? Or does he -- is there any point, I guess, when you`re like distraught and he just violently takes it from you? Is there any point?..
Lady D: There was little verbal?there was lots of eye contact?.he thinks I like him?How could I like him?I?m not a racist?.I?m blond and I have taken good care of my body for my husband ?.so unfair? he is a dark kid shorter than me?masculine?but he is too young he don?t look like 18 he seems like a perverted kid, the kind who would sneak on your window?..he was disgusting.

Paralegal: So he meant no harm he wants is $50,000. and sex..with you..kind of not following here?
P.I. Any instance that you resisted and it got physical?
Lady D: No. I was fully cooperating. I give him everything he asked from me.

This is where we end this story.