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Nextdoor Neighbbour

Do you remember your first male-on-male encounter?

This was a question someone asked me recently. I certainly do: I remember it in detail! Not only was it fantastic, but it set me on the sexual road I”ve travelled all my life since.
I”d just had my 16th birthday, and Dad's work demanded that he went to Europe for a twelve month spell. Mum wanted to go with him, but I didn't want to go because that would have interfered with my schooling which had just reached a crucial point. The solution was for me to go to live with my aunt (mum's sister) and uncle. They lived in the countryside just outside the town in which we lived, and going to them did mean I could continue at my school.

Uncle Charles and Aunt Grace had a market-garden on which they produced fruit and vegetables. They were kind to me and I soon settled with them after my parents” departure. The only trouble was that they worked hard and long everyday and, when I wasn't at school, I found I was spending a lot of time on my own.

Actually, I”d only been with them a week or two when the long summer vacation began, so I was spending even more time on my own. The first two or three days, I found rather boring. On the fourth morning, however, I was wandering aimlessly round the garden in the bright, warm sunshine when, suddenly, a cheery voice called out to me.
”Hello, there. You look rather cheesed off. Haven't you got anything to do?”
I looked up and there, smiling at me over the fence from the next garden was a tall, blond youngster some years older than I was.
”You must be Justin, Charlie and Grace's nephew,” he went on. ”We heard you”d come to live with them. Oh, my name's Tony, by the way, and I'm your next door neighbour. My mother and father are away, too. They”ve gone on holiday. I”ve not gone with them because I'm due to go to university next term and so I prefer to stay at home and do some preparation work. I suppose I'll go away for a bit of a break, though, at some point.”
I smiled at him and said, ”Nice to meet you, Tony; and, yes, I am a bit bored.”

”How about coming for a swim?” Tony asked. ”We”ve got a pool at the bottom of our garden. Why don't you come round and have a dip?”
”I”ve not got any swimming trunks,” I told him.
”Doesn't matter,” he replied, ”we can soon solve that. Are you coming?”
I grinned at him and said, yes, I”d be right round.
Tony was waiting for me at the front door and led me through the house and into the huge back garden.
”Come on,” he said, 'the pool's right down the garden.”
He led me to what I thought was a very large wooden hut, but when we went in, I realised it was a changing room, complete with a shower.

”Let's strip off then,” Tony said; and when I hesitated, he grinned: ”Don't worry about swimming trunks. Nobody can see us at the end of this large garden. I never wear trunks. I just swim in the nude!”
With that, and before I had chance to comment, he whipped off his shirt, jeans and underpants, kicked off his sandals - and stood there naked!
I”d never undressed in front of a total stranger before, but felt that I”d look a sissy if I boggled at the idea so, taking a deep breath and, just like he had, and before I had time to think what I was doing, I shed my clothes.
When I at last stood naked, Justin looked me up and down; and then, indicating my penis, he said, ”Well, you”ve got nothing to be ashamed of there, have you?”

I grinned sheepishly, not knowing how to respond to his obvious compliment, but I allowed myself to look at his penis. Plumper than mine and, I guessed, slightly large than my six inches (when erect), it /hung/">hung there in its halo of golden brown pubic hair.
”Let's get going then,” Tony cried, and led the way outside.
He ran across the half dozen yards of grass and dived into the pool. Again, not wanting to look a sissy, I followed him and, as I hit the water, was surprised to discover that it was quite warm.

When we both surfaced and began to tread water, Tony said, ”It's pleasantly warm, isn't it? That's because the pool is heated. The system cost my old man a fortune, but it's well worth it to have warm water - even on a cool day.”

For a good hour, we swam and splashed about the pool with frequent stops to get our breath and to talk. I adjusted to the fact of our nakedness and we learned quite a bit about each other during that time. I decided I very much liked this /friend/new-friend/">new friend - even though we were both stark naked.

At one point, we both finished at one end of the pool, which was quite shallow, and as we stood there, Tony pointed out a certain plant growing in the wide border beyond the pool: this, he informed me, was a very special plant which his father, a skilled gardener, was very proud of. I made suitable complimentary noises, though it meant nothing to me as I wasn't really interested in gardening.

As Tony told me about this plant, he slipped his right arm around my waist and gently pulled me towards himself. I thought nothing of it and, of course, didn't resist. He continued describing the plant and its uses; and as he did, his hand slid slowly downwards until it was on my right buttock; and once there, he squeezed me slightly. I still didn't resist, thinking that he had done it without thinking and - to be quite truthful - I found it rather pleasant. There was hint of newly found intimacy in the gesture, I suppose, and it somehow felt good to be near him.
”And there's another interesting plant just there,” he went on, ”on the other side of the pool, the one with almost blue leaves. Can you see it?”

As he spoke, he turned me round so that I had my back to him. Whilst he was describing this second blossom, he stepped closer to me so that our bodies were in close contact. His left hand now came round my body and on to my left breast and he moved his right hand from my bum on to my belly, just above my pubic hair. All the time he was telling me of this second plant, his hands remained so positioned on my body. It was strangely exciting.
”Oh, well,” Tony said, as he finished his mini-lecture, ”I suppose we”d better get on with our swimming.”

And as he released me and moved away, his right hand brushed downwards, through my pubic hair and touched my penis, fleetingly, but just long enough to suggest a caress.
I felt my penis twitch with pleasure!

However, Tony made no comment and began to swim up the pool, and I lifted my feet and followed him. For perhaps another quarter of an hour, we swam around, and made desultory conversation.
After a while, Tony asked, ”Justin, is this the /first-time/">first time you”ve been stripped off in the sun this summer?”
When I said it was, he replied, ”Well, I think we”ve probably done enough then for now. If we stay here much longer, you'll get sunburned and that could be uncomfortable to say the least.”
He swam to the end of the pool, clambered up the steps and out on to the grass. I followed him, no longer feeling embarrassed by my nakedness, and we went back into the changing hut.
Tony rummaged in a large cupboard and took out three towels. One of these, larger than the others, he placed and the floor and told me to stand on it. He draped one of the others around his waist and threw the third one around me and began to dry me. This rather surprised me, but I didn't resist; indeed, I enjoyed it.

Tony rubbed me vigorously all over, including my genital area, until I was more or less dry; and this he did in silence.
”Are you dry?” he eventually asked, and when I indicated that I was, he dropped the towel, unhitched his from round his waist, held it out, and said, ”How about doing the same thing for me?”
I took it from him and gulped hard. I”d never rubbed anyone's naked body before; and I was suddenly very conscious again that we were both naked. However, I felt I had to do it and so I began to rub him as he had rubbed me. The only difference was that I stayed away from his genitals.

When I thought I had dried him enough, I stepped back and offered him the towel.
Tony smiled at me - and there was something more than just humour in the smile - and he said softly, ”Go on Justin: finish me off. You”ve missed an important bit.”
I still hesitated, holding out the towel, not quite knowing what to do. Tony stepped towards me and, taking my hand holding the towel, he placed it firmly over his genitals.
”Do that bit as well,” he said. ”It won't bite you. I won't let it!”
He turned sideways and, placing my left hand in the small of his back, I began to rub his penis and testicles. He opened his legs to facilitate my efforts - and he closed his eyes and put his head back.
He was enjoying it!

I suddenly began to enjoy it, too, and worked hard on him. He started to make little moaning sounds; and to my great /surprise/">surprise, I felt my penis begin to stiffen.
Immediately, my heart began to pound and I felt hot. As though he sense this, Tony took the towel from me and dropped it on to the floor. He turned round to face me and, stepping closer, he took me in his arms. He was a good head taller than I was and for a moment he took down at me. Something awoke in me and I put my arms round his waist. His response was to lean down and kiss me full on the lips.
Believe it or not, I”d never been kissed like that before, but I instinctively responded by returning the pressure of his kiss.

We clung to each other in that embrace for some seconds, and when we eventually broke - to take a breath - Tony pulled me towards him, crushing me into his chest, and ran his lips along my left shoulder, my neck, and the side of my face. Then, with his left hand, he held my head and passionately kissed me long and hard on the lips again. Clinging to him, I kissed him with equal fervour.

I could feel his erect penis, pressed upwards, hard again my belly, and my own penis, now rock hard, had slipped between his naked thighs. Before I realised what I was doing, I was thrusting it back and forth slowly between his legs.
Again, we held the embrace for a good minute, and then Tony released me and, placing his head close to my left cheek, he croaked, ”God, Justin, I”ve wanted you ever since I saw you when you first arrive at Charlie and Grace's house. I nearly exploded with joy when you agreed to come round for a swim, and when I saw you naked, I wanted to suck your cock on the spot. I only resisted because I feared I”d scare you off. I don't know how I kept my hands off you while we were in the pool; but I still didn't know how you”d react. It was only when you didn't move away when I put my hand on your bum that I felt sure you”d be willing! You are willing, aren't you?”

Never having faced a situation like that before - never even really knowing that such a situation could exist! - I couldn't find any words. I just nodded, because by then I was up for it as much as Tony was. I didn't know what he intended - but I certainly wanted to do it!
If I didn't know what to do, though, Tony was equal to it. He picked me up and stood me on the wooden seat which ran down one side of the changing hut. Then, standing in front of me, he took my penis into his mouth.

I just cannot adequately describe the way he sucked and licked me, how he took my eager penis into his cheeks and down his throat; how, after drawing my foreskin back, he squeezed my glans with his quivering lips. This was all so new to me, but I was enraptured by it.
All the time he was doing this, I was running my hands over his shoulders and as far down his back as I could reach, but it wasn't enough: I wanted to do something which would pleasure him. After some minutes, therefore, when he stopped sucking me to catch his breath, I pushed him away, stepped down on to the floor and, placing my left arm around his waist, I took hold of his penis - a good 7 inches! - and started to slide his foreskin backwards and forward, slowly, over his glans. I was myself a regular masturbator, and had been since I was about 10, so I knew what was pleasurable when it came to stimulating a penis.

As I continued, Tony threw his head back and closed his eyes - and I was later to realise that this was a characteristic gesture when he was enjoying sexual /ecstasy/">ecstasy - and began gently to rock back and forth in rhythm with my efforts on his foreskin.
I knew I needed to go up a gear, so I pulled his foreskin as far back as I could get it, and I heard him draw in a sharp breath, and I began to masturbate him with long slow strokes.
He groaned loudly at this and so, bending forward, I took the tip of his penis into my mouth. I”d never tasted a penis before and, as I did it, I wondered if it would revolt me.

It didn't! I loved both the taste and the feel of it and began to suck hard. Gradually, I eased off my hand action and let my lips and tongue take over. Soon I had him as deeply in my mouth and throat as he”d had me minutes before. By now he was groaning loudly.
I was so lost in what I was doing that I think I should just have gone on until he climaxed. However, Tony had other ideas. He suddenly withdrew his penis and held me away from him.
”Better stop, Justin,” he croaked, ”because I getting near to ”coming” and I”d like us to do that together. Just give me a moment to set it up.”
He stepped away from me and walked to the end of the hut. There was a large plastic stool, and this he brought over, placed in the middle of the floor, and sat on it. I gulped with anticipation as I saw his hard, stiff penis standing almost upright.
”Come and sit on my legs,” he instructed me, ”with your legs on either side of me.”

Realising what his plan was, I quickly took up my position. My penis, too, was now reaching skywards, and just a couple of inches from full hd xvideo download his moon-raking weapon.
He put his left arm around me and grasped my penis with his right hand; I held him with my left arm and, likewise, grasped his penis with my right hand. I looked down and saw that our tight testicles were pressed together between us. I looked up at Tony, and he moved forward to kiss me. I responded likewise, and as our lips met, we both started to rub each other.
We did it slowly, all through that long kiss; and when we broke the kiss, we began to brush our slightly parted lips together, and we let the tips of our tongues touch as well. This we both found highly stimulating. As we did it, I remember thinking that I had never done this kind of thing before, and most assuredly, no one had ever taught me to do it, yet something seemed to have awaken inside me which somehow made me aware of what to do.
Suddenly, Tony gasped, ”I can't wait any longer, Justin! I really need to ”come”, so let's go for it!”
I knew exactly what he meant! My penis felt as though it would explode, and desire was dripping from ever pore.
”Go for it then!” I croaked, ”My cock's boiling over!”

And so we went for it, each hugging the other tightly and pounding the other's weapon as though there was no to-morrow.
After maybe a minute, I gasped, ”Who's going to make it first?” - and then thought what a damned silly question to ask!
”Just go for it, boy, don't debate it!” Tony cried. ”Who the bloody hell cares?”
We hammered away and seconds later, Tony cried out, ”It's me, it's me first! Here it comes!”
I felt his body go tense and he stretched his legs out behind me. He arched his back, closed his eyes and opened his mouth in a silent cry.
He jerked once and, as I looked down between our bodies, I saw him ejaculate. A huge spurt of semen flew upwards and hit me high on the chest; and then came a second, third and fourth, all of which landed on my chest and then on my belly as the intensity of the climax waned.
I continued to rub him hard until the spurts became dribbles and eventually dried up.

So fascinated had I been observing Tony's /ejaculation/">ejaculation that, momentarily, I”d forgotten my own growing orgasm, even though he”d not slackened his efforts on me whilst he was ”coming”. Just as Tony finished, I felt a deluge building inside me, and I yelled, ”I'm coming now! Keep rubbing!”
He did, and the orgasm exploded somewhere behind my testicles and spread like wildfire down my legs, into my belly and, with an intensity indescribable, up through my iron-/hard/hard-penis/">hard penis. I squealed with delight, closed my eye and fell forward until my head rested on Tony's shoulder.

With a thrill like I”d never known before, I just let the passion throb out of me. As I had my eyes tightly shut, I didn't see my ejaculation, but I just jerked forward involuntarily every time the semen shuddered out of me.
After what seemed a lifetime, the rapture subsided and I just dropped forward on to Tony and threw my arms around his neck. When he realised my climax was over, he stopped rubbing me and put both his arms around me; and for a good three or four minutes, we just held each other until we got out breath back and the passion ebbed away.

Eventually Tony gave his characteristic chuckle and said, ”Justin, do you think you could stand up now? With all your weight on my legs, they”ve gone numb. It's bloody agony! I never realised sex was so painful!”
I slipped off his legs and stood up. Tony also attempted to stand up, but his legs wouldn't have it and he stumbled forward. I threw my arms around him to support him and I felt our now wilting but very wet and sticky penises come together. I could see his chest was covered in semen - and knew where my ejaculations had landed!

We held each other tightly and I could feel Tony moving his body slightly from side to side, and I knew that he was inter-mingling our semen on our sweating bodies. I liked that idea.
For some time, we held each other until we”d both got our breath back and could stand on our own feet. At last, we reluctantly stepped apart, each knowing that we had to re-enter the real world.
”Bugger me, Justin,” Tony said, 'that was one hell of a session! We seem to have that 'something” between us which makes sex really worthwhile.”
I nodded, knowing what he meant.

Sadly all good things - even fantastic things - have to come to an end. We at last went over to the shower and, going in together, we washed each other, removing all traces of our semen; and then we wiped each other, this time with no reluctance on my part.
After we”d dressed, we went back up to the house and Tony made us a drink. We sat side by side on the settee with our arms around each other as we swigged the coffee.
I could see something was free porn movies download bothering Tony, and at last he said, ”Are you going to say anything, you know, about what we”ve done, to Charlie and Grace, your uncle and aunt?”
”Of course not!” I declared. ”Why should I do that? If I did, we”d not be able to do it again, should we?”
”And you want to?” Tony asked.
”You bet!”
”How about tomorrow? Or even later this evening?”
”Eager little sod, aren't you?” Tony grinned.
”I am now!” I assured him. ”And I hope we'll do it often until you go away.”
”You can be sure of it!” he cried.

And we did, all through the holiday. Before Tony had to leave for university, we went camping together for almost a fortnight: every night, we spent more time masturbating each other than sleeping. We both had to be liberal with the Vaseline because our penises were very sore on a number of occasions.

I”d like to recount more of our adventures, but present space doesn't allow it. However, I hope you”ve enjoyed the tale of this, my first gay adventure. I often think of it myself - and usually have to calm my nerves by masturbating! Come to think of it, YOU might have to do the same thing!